at clsa in sunny fredericton listening to…

The Canadian Law and Society meetings are on at Congress2011 in Fredericton, at UNB.

Elaine Craig (Dal) speaking about: thinking through sexual integrity in R. v JA. Law’s limits, where reason runs out. Recognizing a space between law and justice. I missed Karen Busby but next up is Lise Gotell. What do we do about the “normal patterns of heterosexual sexual activity” that are criminalised? Gotell says that both decisions are rooted in a decontexualized logic of affirmative consent.  I wish  I’d been set up to live blog this session! It was very interesting.



now I’m at a panel in Honour of Patricia Monture: Land, Terrirotiality and Indigenous Peoples.  Listening now to Janna Promislow, talking about territoriality in the Northwest in 19th century British North America.  She’s referring to the questions about territory, property, ownership and how these are played out in the placement of Fort Good Hope up the Mackenzie River.   Since I spent my plane trip here reading the end of the first half of Mrs. Dred Scott, the parallels – soldiers, treaties, indigenous peoples, concepts of ownership, conflicts over ownership and frontier situations – very interesting.


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