Appropriately Approaching Appropriation (via IP Osgoode)

Tied into one of the conference’s main concerns of how appropriation could be used in a positive context, the keynote focused on advocating for a more nuanced approach that preserved the uniqueness of postcolonial societies and the “need to protect the ‘we’ with more humility.” It provided a worthy segue into the conference’s second and final day, where many of the questions raised by Professors Coombe and Craig were discussed and debated, and created the background for further dialogue on feminism and the politics of appropriation.

IP Osgoode Blogger & Osgoode JD student Mekhala Chaubal

Over at IP Osgoode, you can read Osgoode JD student Mekhala Chaubal on Appropriately Approaching Appropriation: Osgoode Professors On Feminist Alternatives To Postcolonial Intellectual Property Issues.

Fittingly, given Prof. Craig’s love of alliteration, this is a report on the keynote given by Professors Craig and Coombe at the Feminism and the Politics of Appropriation Conference last Friday night (back off, Katy Perry, academics have last Friday nights too you know).  Thanks to Mekhala and IP Osgoode for the share!  More info about the conference here.

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