A set of links offered without comment. On Feminism, the word and the creed.

First msmagazine.com is reporting that more than half of 2012 women voters identify as feminists.  And: “…the study found that women of color are more likely to call themselves feminists. Almost three quarters of Latin-American women and 66% of African American female voters self-identify as feminists.”  (i know, i know.  You want to know more about the polling method – can’t help you there, i don’t have a subscription and I couldn’t find a full report of the poll elsewhere.  I’m sure we’ll see it eventually,  because there aren’t many people who aren’t pretty surprised by this poll – whether happily or unhappily).

and then from the Ontario Bar Association (click for more on the news below):

The Feminist Legal Analysis Section of the OBA has changed its name to “Women Lawyers’ Forum”. The first group in the OBA/CBA to focus on women is celebrating its 20th anniversary and moving forward as part of the national women’s conference of the CBA.

and then, from  babesonbaystreet.com (the blogger and author, Janet Graham, has keynoted networking events for women law students….) this was rather unexpected:

I am a Feminist!! I am a feminist!! There I said it!! Let’s face it, for many, it’s the real “f” word!!  For me, declaring myself to be a feminist simply means I believe in equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of sex, race, politics etc. What makes this belief so scary or offensive or so hard to acknowledge!!


h/t Mary Stokes for the OBA info.


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