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  1. Redacción: Hugo a salido en 1.277 cines y su media por copia es $3.549, un poco menos que la que tiene los teleñecos. El gato con botas 2 sería muy inaesertnte. La competencia en el target infantil era muy amplía (4 de las 5 más taquilleras son infantiles).

  2. The Willards from 1995 were all snail mail, which is why they could be printed; since then, they’ve all been on line, and I think perhaps would, if printed, be the size of an Encyclopedia Britannia… BUT, if we ever have time to do it, they would be fun to look back on, like a diary!

  3. Not to define an abstract, but that appears more like a prose inspirational speech or stand-up comedy than it does poetry. Moving and pointed, sure, but where’s the aestheticism and evocation? What, just because he wrote it out on paper before he delivered it, it qualifies as poetry?Also, is there a “Related Video” that shows what the lawyer responded?

  4. John,Your home state also elected, more than once, old Lieberman. Also known as the senator from Tel Aviv. Electing Dodd was not much of a stretch after electing Joe.I don’t mean to “rub it in” with this comment, just tossing in my 2 cents worth on the election/elect-ability of the clowns we have here in the US of A.

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