Feb 24 @ York: Envisioning LGBT Asylum in Canada: Is Canada a Safe Haven?

Centre for Refugee Studies seminar

Wednesday February 24, 2016, 11am-12:30pm

Room: 280N York Lanes

Envisioning LGBT Asylum in Canada: Is Canada a Safe Haven?

event poster Presentation of findings based on the various themes which emerged from the research regarding the experiences of LGBT refugee and asylum seekers populations to Toronto. The research is based on qualitative interviews and focus groups with the mentioned populations as well as service providers working in the resettlement sector. Additionally, the presentation will include recommendations Envisioning is calling for to address the numerous issues and concerns presented.

The report is available on-line at: http://envisioninglgbt.blogspot.ca/p/publicationsresources.html

Speakers: Nancy Nicol, Principle Investigator – Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights;

Nick Mulé, Chairperson, Canada Research Team for Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights;

Kathleen Gamble, PhD Student;

Junic Wambya, former ED of Freedom and Roam Uganda, forced to flee Uganda due to persecution. She was accepted as a protected person in Canada in 2014.

Co-sponsored by the Centre for Feminist Research.

*Please note this event counts towards seminar requirements for GFWS students


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